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Raleigh Retail Plus is a shared email sent to affluent consumers featuring advertising messages from 'local retailers providing exclusive luxury and fashion products and services for men and woman'.
geo location
- Raleigh, North Carolina
target audience
- Household Income $250,000.00+
- Men & Women Ages 25-55
- Lifestyle Interests
- 125,000+ Subscribers
send schedule
- Monthly
advertising rates per issue
- $799.00 (1) Issue
- $599.00 (3) Issues*
- $499.00 (6) Issues*
*Consecutive Issues & Details Web Page
Exclusive B2C Shared Emails
Partner with other local businesses to get your LOW COST shared email marketing message sent to Raleigh residents. We'll help you target the best neighborhoods and audiences for your business. You will NOT have a competitor advertising in the same email campaign.

Modeled Targeted Email Campaigns
Target specific types of households that work for your brand. Examples of specific segments include HOUSEHOLD INCOME, LIFESTYLE INTERESTS, GENDER, and AGE.

A Turnkey Cost-Effective Solution
Send us your creative and we will take care of the mobile friendly HTML, the list, the email send and the analytics reporting.

Effortlessly attract consumers 'Near You' with the right offer at the right time, every single time.
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Promote your brand, compete for new clients, patients & customers, and grow your business.
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